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Archive for January 9th, 2010

Knitting for “My Girl”

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

isabelwarmersI met April, Isabel and Brandi for lunch last week. We exchanged Christmas gifts. I did actually knit this gift… wristwarmers for my 5 yr old friend.

Isabel loves everything I knit for her. Once upon a time, I made her a wrap/half-blanket. I told her I’d knit her a hug. She was not yet 4 years old at the time, but she “got it.” When she does not feel good, she will go curl up snuggling the hug, or wrap up in it.

April, her mommy, tells me that Isabel was trading off the hug and another blanket for nap time at kindergarten. Now she takes only the hug, it’s all she wants. That makes me feel very good.

isabelwarmerswithyarnSo around the same time I made the hug for her, I made some wristwarmers. She loved them. I held two colorful yarns together to make them, but they were a bit small even then.

This fall, she found them, insisted that they fit, shoe-horned them on her feet, and proceeded to wear them to sleep in, she would not take them off. It was time for a new pair. A pair that fit.

So isabelhug25here you see my sweet one wearing her new pair. I used two multicolored yarns together, again. Both are primarily turquoise. One has bits of color that stick up from the surface, the other changes slightly with time.

She loves “blue” which encompasses cobalt to turquoise. I had a lot of turquoise yarn around (to say the least). She likes these.

Above is a photo of her in the new gift. Here below is a not-that-good photo of her “hug.”