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Archive for March 2nd, 2010

Hope Has Arrived (before Spring)

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

I went for a walk with friend April on Monday. We walked along the side of my house, where I do not often walk before dark.

For some reason, I noticed that there were a few inches around my house before the snow started. Apparently a little melting has been going on lately, and I saw actual green growing plants (mostly weeds, I will take what I can get on the first week of March).

We took a few more steps and I looked a little further in the same melted patch. I could not believe it! Not only daffodil shoots coming up through the soil, but a bud glowing yellow through it. It was close to the ground, but it was a bud.

I did not have my camera on our walk. Tuesday I left in a big hurry and did not get home before sunset.

However, you have my word. Michigan had at least one daffodil bud growing on Monday, March 1. The photo here is that same plant, blooming in a previous year.

We usually get at least one day with a few snowflakes, in April. Very occasionally we get a big storm in April.

But last year I showed photos of blooming flowers in my yard, on March 24. Let us hope that this year it will be at least that good. Crossing fingers!