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Archive for March 18th, 2010

Real Art, from Practical Office Supplies

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Museum-Quality Art from the Basics

I found a link to a very creative blog entry, through Twitter (I think). Artworks made from office supplies such as staples, paper, paper clips and tape.

In a “previous life,” I was an office supplies purchasing agent. In my current life, I enjoy artwork of many sorts. This page delights me.

Slightly Related, by Me

I know you like photos here. The images below are two sides of the same piece of “MailArt.” I used plastic erasers and linoleum cutters to make rubber stamps, stamped with them (and one purchased stamp, that of the man on the colored side of the plate). I embellished the stamps with Sharpie markers and paint pen markers.

This sort of plate does not typically do well in the mail. It is crisp and brittle, and easily broken by machines. This one actually did make it. (I have better luck with the inexpensive white plates which flex quite well. They still require being handed directly to a Postal counter person, they don’t often survive being dropped in a mailbox.)

The distance from my home to this office was about 10 miles, but it went through two post offices (one being a mail “factory” processing center) to get there.

(Neither of the addresses on the plates are currently used by the sender/recipient.)