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Archive for April 1st, 2010

Gorgeous Day in Old Town

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

grandriveravepablos033010Tuesday I went to Old Town, Lansing. It was a beautiful day for walking. The sun shone, and it was the first day of the year which really made me think we might get summer after all.

I took a lot of photos, inside and out. The first one here is a view pointing east from the corner of Turner and Grand River. Can you see the tables on the sidewalk, serving customers of Pablo’s Panaderia? (If you have not been there, the food is fresh and excellent, with the best fresh-squeezed orange juice I’ve had since I was in Mexico.)

I did not take a photo of Mama Bear’s Conscious Cafe’ where I ate lunch that day. Chica has great food, and focuses on locally-grown products, organic and free trade items. Highly recommended (about a block and a half down Turner street on the east/left side of the street walking from Grand River.


Around another corner, on Washington Avenue, I stopped at Elderly Instruments. The blue flowers here were in their garden out front.

And inside Elderly’s historical brick building (former Odd Fellows‘ hall from around 1910 or so), I spotted a heating grate above my head. I had not seen it before. Tim told me that it actually does blow air, it is not a cold air duct. Gorgeous!

As I write this, it is Thursday and the third of three amazingly summer-like days in Lansing (with Friday expected to be even warmer).  The sun shines, the heat rises, the doors and windows open.

Kids go by on bikes, folks walk dogs and babies in strollers. Cars go by with stereo a bit louder than usual… and I do a happy dance. And another happy dance, and another…elderlygrate033010

Even in my own neighborhood, the Guitar Guy on the corner appears to be celebrating the weather. Tuesday on the way to old town, I spotted him playing a shiny guitar and what looked to be a small portable speaker on a shoulder strap as he played.

His winter guitar did not come out that day. This one seemed to have mother of pearl or something shining in the sun.

Notice that the corner he often occupies, is not a place where pedestrians pass by. However, it’s a place many pass on the way to and from work/downtown. He has been doing this for several years, so busking this way seems to work for him.

This can be a lovely, interesting town. Go, Lansing!