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Archive for April 8th, 2010

Intense Ups, Intense Downs

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Hi, friends. I’ve had an amazing jam-packed week. I’m just stopping in to tell you I’m still of this world.

Friday daytime, my car decided it wanted a new engine for its 12th birthday (it was due to turn over 150,000 miles that day). Stopped, and that was that. (The replacement engine is on its way.)


Friday night, we took the bus to perform in the Lil’ Darlin’s Vaudeville show. That was fun… both the bus ride and the show. And dinner afterward at Emil’s Italian Restaurant.

For the record, this longest-family-owned restaurant in Lansing has its kitchen open until midnight, at least on Fridays. A “busload” of us from the show came in at about 11:35 and they greeted us with open arms. It was a class-act welcome.

Since then, I’ve been fighting what I thought was allergies or a cold. I stayed home Sat/Sun. I did little on Monday.

bear2backTuesday I felt well enough to get out and work, doing the Lansing Comfort Bear event at Schuler Books Eastwood. It was INCREDIBLE.

The press was there, TV6 and TV10 plus the Lansing State Journal. We had a great largish crowd of knitters. Two had not knit before, and Rae and Anna helped them while I tended to the larger percentage who were already knitters.

A couple of people finished the back of their bear that night. Loved it.

But now I am not just having allergy symptoms, I am truly sick. That kind of sick where you cough so much you can’t sleep. So your LynnH is trying to lay low.

I almost never get bored, but I am now. Wednesday and Thursday I’ve canceled everything. Friday I have no solid obligations, and may have to postpone a lunch with a friend, we will see.

In the big scheme of things… cars need repairs sometimes. People get sick sometimes. I got both the same week… maybe that is a faster way for me to get past the “hiccups.”

I’m knitting a little, when I am not having coughing fits. That part is good. But I’m already bored of playing Scrabble on the iPod Touch, and that means I’ve been still far too long. One day at a time.

For now, I’m not blogging enough. Please excuse the quiet. I will be back.