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Archive for April 30th, 2010

A Gathering of Guilds: My Self-Portrait

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Some of you remember that I knit a self-portrait a few summers ago. It was a bit of an internal growing experience to get through the self-doubt that all artists have at times, and complete the project.

Coming out at the end with something that actually does look like my face… in 10,374 stitches, 11 colors of yarn… well, it’s something I am proud of. I am thrilled that there have been places for me to display the end product.

I’m pleased that it got a lot of display time that first year. My piece was at Susan Hensel Gallery in Minneapolis first. Then it was displayed at local yarn shops, both Rae’s Yarn Boutique where I teach each week, and Threadbear Fiberarts where they had a customer art exhibit (that one got in the paper, a lovely article indeed).

After that the portrait was also displayed with a Working Women Artists show at the East Lansing Public Library. I was pleased. After all, I don’t plan on doing another one of these, it required I put my work and life pretty much on hold for several weeks while I knit (and crossed fingers and toes that it would work out).

Well, starting Sunday May 1, my self-portrait will again be on display, with a lot of fine hand-created items from a lot of other creative folks. This time it will be for the “Gathering of Guilds.”

This show has been organized by the Grove Gallery Co-Op on Grove Street in downtown East Lansing. It is directly next door to Woven Art (a yarn, knitting, weaving, crochet shop) and across the street from the Grove Street Parking Ramp.

There is a “First Sunday Gallery Walk” show open house at the Grove Gallery Co-Op location on Sunday. I think it will be exceptional. There will be several guilds involved:

Greater Lansing Weavers Guild
Lansing Area Patchers
Mid-Michigan Knitters Guild
Mid-Mitten Basketmakers Guild
Capital Area Lace Makers
Mid-Michigan Art Guild
Greater Lansing Potters Guild

Details for opening reception:

Sunday, May 2

325 Grove St., Suite A
East Lansing, Michigan

I will be there. Maybe some local folks will come out and say hello? I expect a wonderful, artful, friendly crowd.

Inspiration from Ravelry

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Mary-Heather (RainyDayGoods)  from Ravelry.com linked today to a list on that site, where folks were talking about their simple pleasures. My first thought, a small pleasure for me, was a hot wet washcloth on my face. Then when I posted I got so inspired by other happy thoughts that I did not even include that in my list.

I have posted here before about small things really being the essence of my happy life. I have had some big things before (perhaps the biggest was my 5-week trip to Africa with my friend Altu). However, banking on big things to make life OK, does not work well as a life strategy.

So today I’m going to share with you the list I posted on the Ravelry Thread (if you are a member of Ravelry, which is free, you can read the whole thread… highly recommended).

  • Watching my beloved hubby light up when I walk in the room.
  • Singing/performing on stage with beloved. It’s more fun than I dreamed when I was a kid.
  • Having my 24-yr-old Goddaughter call me and ask for time together.
  • Having my 6-yr-old “fairy-Goddaughter” accidentally call me Grandma.
  • Hot tea, dark, black and “straight up.”
  • Baking something from scratch, with ingredients I’m not allergic to (yesterday, chocolate cake ), and eating it still warm out of the oven.
  • Real whipped cream, whipped with brown sugar rather than white.
  • Buying produce at the neighborhood (city) market, from the people who grew that food.
  • My front porch. Especially naps in the hammock on the porch (in the city, but nobody can see me there).
  • Wool, alpaca, kid mohair, any combination of them.
  • Two colors next to one another which create more “zing” than one alone. This can stop me in my tracks.
  • Running into someone who has made one of my patterns. It still lifts my heart to see that.
  • The first day of the year when I can open front/back doors, let the breeze flow through, and wear my favorite African clothing. Bye, bye winter!

What about you? What simple/small things make your heart sing?

Yours may not do it for me (or mine for you), but I think it would be wonderful to get a little inspiration going in the comments here. Or, by all means, run over to Ravelry and join the larger thread.

The photo I wanted to post with this column? Fresh, organic strawberries from the East Lansing Food Co-Op. They were so perfect they looked fake, and they tasted perfect, as well. I made some of that brown-sugar whipped cream to put on the berries. No fancy torte is as good as that combination!

Unfortunately, I’m having a few computer issues which I think are temporary. No photo today. Sorry.