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Archive for May 8th, 2010


Saturday, May 8th, 2010

I have much in my life for which I’m grateful. First and foremost is my husband, Brian, but I’m happy to say that the list is long.

Yesterday I got an email from someone I don’t know. She is a knitter who bought my Fast Florida Footies in 8 Sizes Pattern, years ago, and who has knit the pattern multiple times. The note just thanked me for the design, and said she’s not done knitting these yet. How kind of her to take the time to write.

This morning, I opened my email and there was another thank you. It was from a student who took my Chippy Socks class this recent past week. She felt it was just the thing she needed, which turned her day around. How wonderful is that? Again, I am touched that she took the time to let me know.

Last night, I went to my PO Box. Not only did I get a check from a customer, but I got a fat padded envelope. It was a gift from a woman who has taken my computer classes numerous times over the years, but who I have not seen in several months. I just love her, I miss her… and then I get a gift from her out of the blue. How incredibly heart-warming! (Thanks, Z!)

In the envelope? An Andean knit hat. The real thing. I’m bowled over. She has me pegged to a “T.” Many people think of me when they see many colors together, and I am honored.


However, if you get down to details, there are some multicolored things that are “me” and many that are not quite. My knitting obsessions are Turkish socks and Andean hats. This gift is spot on, and something hard to find in Michigan, to boot. I’m busy looking at the details, trying to figure out how it was made.

The hat seems to be knit from the bottom edge up to the top, and from a preliminary look I think the ear flaps were picked up and knit to the point, flat. Then the edging which looks like checkerboards appears to have been knit separately and attached. I wonder if it was attached with crochet rather than sewing, this is what I think at first glance.

I wish I had Deb Robson, Priscilla Gibson-Roberts and Nelda Davis to look at this hat with me. They uncovered so many mysteries about my Turkish Socks and a bit about the few Andean hats I had when I spent time with them at Sock Summit last August. Deb could tell on one sock that the knitter had changed not only to another white ball of yarn, but a totally new fleece. Amazing.

Lately with the car expenses, I have allowed myself to become a little  more afraid than I normally am. I think that when one has fear, one must balance action to address the issue causing it, with action acknowledging what one does already have. I’m a lucky person with a fine husband, good food, and a roof over my head.

So tonight we sing at a benefit for the Eaton County SIREN shelter. They turned away over 500 families last year. I am grateful I have never been in need of housing/shelter. I know I’m not better than any of them, just luckier. (They deal with domestic abuse and homelessness, which sometimes intermingle in the same family). I am glad to be part of the assistance they need and deserve.

If you are in the Lansing area, perhaps you would like to come to the event? It will be an amazing show, four performing acts in all… and you will help a fine cause, as well.