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Archive for May 16th, 2010

Pure, Playful Joy

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

I got the most wonderful visual surprise on Saturday! I had to share it with you.

My friend Doug Berch was performing at Altu’s restaurant on Saturday night. I decided to be part of the audience and knit with any knitters who might come.


As I turned into the parking lot, I caught a quick glance of color in the background next door. I was intrigued.

The lot next door to Altu’s restaurant used to be a large party bar, starting back in the days when East Lansing was a “dry” town. Altu’s is the last building in East Lansing, and that bar next door was the first in Lansing (one could drink in Lansing in those days). It was a popular place for years, but in the last decade or so it had struggled and then closed for good.

Last year, the building was torn down. Now it’s a green space. It’s still a bit scrubby, but in the city we like green spaces of any sort!

And Saturday, there were six children, all in a sort of train, enjoying that space. The smallest child was in the front, and everyone behind was attached by putting their hands on the shoulders they could reach in front of them.

These kids were dressed so colorfully, that I saw them from Michigan Avenue before I pulled in. I stopped my car the moment I could, and took a distance shot (first photo). Then I waited, not that long, and took a few other photos when they came closer to me. (For the record, all parents were watching from nearby.)


I am thrilled with the second one here. Perfect, playful, in-the-moment joy.

It made my day. I hope it might make yours now, too.