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Archive for August 1st, 2010

Maker Faire / Sashimi Tabernacle Choir

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

I lucked out. Through Twitter, I found out there was a Maker Faire going on in “Detroit” (Dearborn) this weekend.I was intrigued. This is a hotbed for creative folks… artists to robotics folks… anything goes if you made it.

The show goes until 5pm. If you are within range, I encourage you to consider a visit. It’s at The Henry Ford (grounds including Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village).

Our knitting/yarn trade association, TNNA, is having a booth there. I’m helping out in the booth today/Sunday by teaching knitting to beginners, and this got me free admission to the Faire. Since summer is a rough time in a knitting instructor’s budget, this was a true gift. Never mind that I adore teaching people to knit!

Brother Eric and Sis-in-Love Diana went yesterday and had to call me because they had such a great time. Diana reports that they got me some felt-ball earrings in my fave colors. Can’t wait to see!

But this morning I found out the best news yet. The Sashimi Tabernacle Choir will be there! Video, courtesy of www.GeeksAreSexy.net (Click the photo below to go to the YouTube video.)

sashimi tabernacle choir

I’ve blogged this art car before. It has some of those annoying singing fish on it, the odd gift of many Christmases ago. There are 250 fish/lobsters on this car. They are all coordinated to sing together in unison, from the Halleluia chorus to that mid-70’s roller rink song “I’m Hooked on a Feeling” (It starts out with ooga-chucka-ooga-ooga-etc., you surely remember.)


I get to see this incredible embellished Volvo! I’m hyped!


Brian’s riding his bike to Dearborn today for fun, as it’s a bit far to go on a day off and then get back home by dark. We’ll meet up for dinner at the wonderful Al-Ameer restaurant on Warren (where Habibi Dancers eat after the Arab festival each June). Dearborn most likely has the best Lebanese food in the world… more folks of Lebanese descent live in Michigan than in Lebanon at present, and Dearborn is the center of it all.


It looks like I’m going to have a great day!

ColorJoyful: Turquoise Door

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

Late last week, Brian and I had a musical performance north of Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. It was about time to eat when we came through Mt. Pleasant on the way home.

I lived in this friendly community when I was in school at Central Michigan University from August 1976 to December 1978. I felt welcomed by this small city which really seemed to appreciate their students. (In contrast, I was treated poorly in my own town which also has a university).

We stopped and went looking for lunch. We found a street fair (sidewalk chalk artists galore). The town looks so different now, I had a hard time getting my bearings. I loved it, anyway.


Near our parking spot, on a side road, I found this door. Everything about it makes me happy.

From the faded, multicolored paint on the door, to the shapes in the photo, to the black and white wall tiles… this is ColorJoy of the “Miscellaneous Artforms” type. I hope it makes your eyes happy, as it does mine.