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Archive for December 27th, 2010

Holiday Tablescapes: Feasting the Eyes

Monday, December 27th, 2010

The holidays over the dark part of the year, as a group, seem to me primarily about relationship and sharing. A big part of that is eating with one another… and making special foods to share. Sometimes, that special food is presented in a visually artful manner as well.

Thanksgiving table

As I have gone from gathering to gathering since Thanksgiving, these are some of the glimpses I have had at beauty on tables. Sometimes the food is the lovely part, sometimes a serving dish caught my eye.


In the first photo, you see a Thanksgiving table put together by Brian’s sister and many helpers. Following that is a stylish small pitcher (containing salad dressing) with a turquoise interior, which was so lovely I had to photograph it. Next are platters of cupcakes, cookies and candies made by a number of folks and shared at a small music gathering we attended.

reindeer cupcakes

A Thanks-Christmas Chuckle

The next photo requires a bit of a story. In my family, we celebrate what we call Thanks-Christmas (which also includes my after-Thanksgiving birthday) early in November.

This year, we met up at a sushi restaurant in Ypsilanti, MI (near Ann Arbor) and enjoyed a good meal together. The table included all six of us who reside in Michigan.

I made a birthday pie which had only ingredients I can eat safely, which we had planned to share after the meal. I left it at home (over an hour away). Mom likes taking birthday photos every year, with us blowing out candles or at least sitting behind our cake/pie/crumble of the day.

thankschristmas10lynnwebWe asked the waiter if they  had cookies or anything we could put a candle in/on. Mom had brought candles that looked like little clowns, so they could sit up on their own even if on a hard surface. They had no dessert we could use that day, but the waiter came up with this:

It is a wax model of a chocolate chip cheesecake. Notice the clown candle sitting on top of it (not yet lit). No wonder I had a bit of a look on my face!

In the last photo below, you see my new teacup and daily teapot, with a cookie jar behind it which was a wedding gift from a dear music friend.

One or Many People, All Pleasant

The first photo involved a few dozen people. The last photo? Me, alone, in peace and quiet and serenity.

All were pleasant treats, no matter how many were in attendance. This sort of artfulness does help us get through these dark days, don’t you agree?