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Archive for February 7th, 2011

Snow Day… I Mean, Week

Monday, February 7th, 2011

On Wednesday, Lansing slowed down to a crawl. It looks in our neighborhood as though we had about 10″ (25 cm) of accumulated snow.

The cities of Lansing and East Lansing required motorists to not park on any street so that snow removal could be efficient. Lansing opened parking ramps for folks who normally park on the street, and every school in town was closed. Even Michigan State University canceled classes, for the first time since the blizzard of 1978. (It was much worse in 1978, I remember.)


Although I work from home much of the time, my two appointments of the day were canceled as well. I settled into the lovely feel of a snow day. I did work, but I was able to work in my jammies. I also made a full pot of tea rather than a single cup at a time. The day just felt more relaxed for some reason.


The first three photos in this post were taken on Wednesday. The storm had actually started coming down on Tuesday night, around 6:30 or 7:00pm. By sunset on Wednesday it had stopped and most folks had their sidewalks cleared pretty well.

The city did a great job of getting those streets cleared off. The street where our driveway exits is only 2 blocks long, and they got here about 24 hours after the initial snowfall started. Lansing is facing major budget issues, but they sure handled this well.


The photo below is my car in the driveway, on Thursday afternoon. Brian had shoveled around the car but you can see how high it was, those tires barely  had a chance! Thank goodness I got new tires the last week of 2010.


Below is a photo of my car in the East Side city lot, behind Rae’s Yarn Boutique. This was taken Thursday around 4:15pm. This is only 20 blocks due east of our Capitol building. As you can see, the piles of snow at the edges of that lot were remarkably tall!


The last photo here was taken at the Frandor Shopping area on Saturday. Even though they had the lot scraped well, and the sun had helped the main areas to evaporate… wowie, do they have major piles of snow.


Sometimes when the piles melt, you will see shopping carts frozen into the middle of the icy remnants of these snow mountains. I find that poetic in some way.

I have been able to go for walks Friday, Saturday and Sunday, in my neighborhood. I often walk in the dark. The echo of early video games comes back to me when walking down those sidewalks in the streetlights. Remember the first Star Wars movie? Scroll back and look at the sidewalk photo again. It’s amazing how close it feels while I’m out there.

Sidewalks are rather well cleared by my neighbors, although the intersections have snowplow piles left which makes it hard to access the sidewalk without a bit of climbing. I try to remember enjoying that climbing when I was young.

I hope you are warm and happy. We have been eating different sorts of home-made soup since things started canceling on Tuesday night. Soup is just the ticket in this sort of weather!!!