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Archive for March 2nd, 2011

March 1: Fly a Kite/In Like a Lamb

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

One of the premises of this ColorJoy blog, is that artfulness and creativity can be found in many places. Art is not just a drawing or painting hung on a wall. I find beauty and inspiration in all sorts of places, in my normal life.

On Tuesday, Friend Cynthia and I went for a walk from Old Town Lansing to the City Market and back. There is never a dull day with Cynthia. If I don’t see something interesting, she will.

We walked through the campus of Lansing Community College this time, rather than taking the Riverwalk. It was a bit windy and the buildings protected us a bit. Somewhere near the center of campus, I spotted this:


LCC has a good art program, I have to think someone got inspired in that department. The sewer steam vent was turned into a volcano sculpture. Good job, whoever you are!!!

We ate at Seif Foods in the market (Egyptian food, excellent), and talked briefly to Magda who owns the restaurant. The food was wonderful, as usual. (One more sort of artfulness, is cooking with flavor…)

On our way out of the building, we saw a beautiful kite flying. It was shaped like a fish with long tail, and flew as if it might be swimming. We spent quite a long time watching, there was a lot of hope in seeing this on March 1. The man flying the kite took it down for a moment and then put it up again. Can you see how big the kite is?


Unfortunately, most of the videos I took did not turn out too well. This one very short bit shows how pretty it was in the air.

I’ve never linked to a video of my own here, but let’s see if this works. Click the photo to see my short flying-fish kite, OK? It will take you to my Flickr site. If you want to return to this page, use the Back button to return.