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Archive for March 26th, 2011

She’s Beautiful! (Colorama Shawl Design)

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

I am on my very, very last few tasks to release the shawl design I’ve been working on for nearly 7 months. Her name is now officially “Colorama Crescent Shawl.” She’s beautiful.

Edited to add purchase information after pattern was released:

Last Wednesday I went to dance rehearsal. Two friends were playing around with the shawl I had brought along. They make me look good. See?



I wrote the pattern in four sizes. They are the same stitch design and length, but some have more sections of fabric. I took a photo with all 4 shawls lined up (on the edge you can’t see here). You can see the size differences here. One more section at the neck creates a lot more fabric at the hem edge.


The smallest one  on top (Sprite size), is a little more than a half of a circle.


The bottom/bright blue one (Goddess Size) is about 3/4 of a circle. I blocked this one with steam, and let it dry flat.

If I had blocked it as a frequent lace knitter might, I would have dunked it in water, pressed out the water, then pinned it out into a larger size than I have right here.

The drape is satisfying as it is, though. The solid blue in this shawl is alpaca and it drapes wonderfully.


I’ve named the sizes Sprite, Princess, Diva and Goddess. The Sprite is good as a neck wrap, on any size person. I sure like this better than a traditional scarf!


The Goddess size fits at least up to a size XXX woman, as a standard shawl. However, two Goddess-sized knitting friends felt that the Diva Size would work for them as a shoulder warmer. The shape makes it fit many sizes.

I’m rather small but I like wrapping up in the Goddess sized shawl. I wear it a bit like what you see in the above photo, but really tossed over a shoulder, a la Stevie Nicks. (Yes, I’m a child of the 70s, and she’s the queen of fabric-wrapped/draped fashion in my mind.)

Another wonderful development is that a young knitting friend is knitting this as a skirt. We figured out how many sections she needed to go around her waist, and she cast on. I will enjoy seeing that project evolve.

I have just a few more items on the to-do list to get this pattern ready for release. I’ve been up past 3am for 4 nights in a row working on it. It’s finally in a flow, and it feels as if I will finish this weekend.

I am always amazed by how much time it takes to really get the details right. Quality is worth it.

See you soon!