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Archive for June 2nd, 2011

Monster Lump for Isabel

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

I just finished a small knitting project. I hate to admit how long I took to finish it, since it could easily have been completed in part of a day.

Nonetheless, I’m delighted with the result. Just look:

The pattern I used is a free one from Rebecca Danger (who makes many knitted “monster” patterns, she’s wonderful). This design is called “Monster Chunks.” The Free Pattern is here.

(I made the face very different than Rebecca did – less Japanese, more kid/stuffed animal. I got the idea for the tuft of hair from my friends at Sticks & Strings, a yarn shop in Old Town Lansing. Love it. Makes the monster look a little like a pinkish tomato, though… don’t you think?)

But do yourself a favor… check out this wonderful, charming, happy video called Monsters on Parade. One knitter, Sara Roth, knit a litter of little Monster Chunks and made them into a stop-action animated Happy Birthday video for her child. I’ve watched it several times, even though I’m generally not a fan of videos.

Rebecca suggests sweater-weight yarns for these. I have lots of sockyarn leftovers and am rather fond of tiny knitted things, so this one was knit in fingering weight/sockyarn on size 2.5mm/2US needles.

The only thing that caused a problem with the smaller gauge was stuffing the feet. My fingers were too big, so I used a drinking straw to push the polyfill into the toes. No harm done, and absolutely ADORABLE!

The last precious day I had with Isabel was before her April birthday. She saw the Monster Chunk pattern and insisted I cast on RIGHT NOW.

It’s now June, but I have a finished monster ready for her, whenever I get another precious day. She is such a fine little person (aged 7) that there is a waiting list for her days off! I do think she’ll enjoy a birthday spread out over a month or so. More presents is always a good thing!