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Archive for June 22nd, 2011

Walking/Singing/Knitting in the Rain

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

What a crazy weather day it has been in Lansing! I went for a walk at 1pm, and it was so sunny I chose the shady side of the street. By the time I got home at 1:35, it was misting. By 1:40 we had buckets of rain coming down. Since then we’ve had sun, then more downpours, then sun again.

I had planned to ride my bike to dance rehearsal tonight. I think I’m officially not bold enough to chance getting that wet. I’m a fair-weather bicyclist, though I do enjoy a walk in snow and rain.

I took a 26-second video of one of our downpours this afternoon. The Flickr upload made it a bit grainy, but just about at the middle of the video (14 seconds in) a guy down the far end of our side street is bolting across the street to close the windows of his truck. Good thing people are drip dry!

(Click to be taken to the video’s page on my Flickr account. Click the “back” button to return here.)

A better video (this has the potential to make anyone smile)… Gene Kelly dancing in the rain, from the movie “Singing in the Rain.”