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Archive for July 6th, 2011

Becoming Ourselves, Blooming

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

I always get nice feedback to photos of our garden (such as it is). These flowering plants all came with the house, though some of them we moved around from here to there and back.

Most years I also plant geraniums and tomatoes in pots. This year I have two tomato plants and a few herbs, but no annual/flower pots. We do what we can fit into our lives, and it works fine. I’ll try those again next year.

I took these photos around June 28. The climbing roses are just plain weeds for 11 months of the year. They grow a foot in a week at times.

They grow toward the south side (sunshine) which means they reach across the back steps where we enter/leave the house. They have been known to do scary damage to my handknit shawls on far too many occasions.

However, this time of year they are SO beautiful! We picked some from the garden to wear at our July 29 performance. I forgive all, when the flowers bloom.

The one on our back mud room/entry is extra crazy. Somehow it pushed itself through a crack in the siding, and grew straight up… INSIDE the siding. Then it pushed itself back out at the very top corner.

I love the metaphor here. I think I can imagine myself as that tall bundle of blooms… pushing through rough stuff (maybe unneccessary in part) and coming out tall, colorful and glowing.

Yes, it’s late and I’m generally poetic anyway. But really… it’s like my gray hair. I love EVERY ONE of my gray strands. I earned each one the hard way and came out stronger… and more beautiful.

May you have moments when you feel like the triumphant rose, emerging from behind the rough journey… beautiful and whole.