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Archive for August 5th, 2011

Sock Summit Thursday 1: Folk Socks, Planning

Friday, August 5th, 2011

Thursday was the first day of the Sock Summit for attendees. I did not have any classes scheduled that day, and so I was gifted with a seat in Donna Druchunas’ Recreating Traditional Folk Socks class. I was “sitting in” but Donna encouraged me to participate. I spent the morning looking at her amazing collection of socks.

Donna has spent a lot of time in Lithuania, so has many examples from that tradition. She had socks from other places as well, and some she designed with inspiration from her collection. I really enjoyed my morning with her class.

The class went on in the afternoon by actually working to duplicate some features from her sock collection, in groups. I bowed out to be sure I had my own class samples in order for the next several days.

Here are the samples for my five subjects lined up in their own baggies, in the hotel room:

This was not the end of Thursday, but that is enough photographs for one post… more coming.

Sock Summit Wednesday: Dinner

Friday, August 5th, 2011

Photos! I promised… and now you get them. (First photo taken from MAX train just before getting off to go to the Convention Center/Hotel area.) Portland, Oregon is a fine city in all senses of the word. I loved every minute there.

Ahhh, a city. A real one, with a 1) subway/ transit train system, 2) tall buildings/ skyline, 3) ethnic foods, and 4) Art Museums. I enjoyed all but the last of these. For me, cities with all 4 of these attributes are the finest of them all. I was very happy, positively energized, to arrive there. Here is a scene from the MAX train transit stop nearest my hotel:

The first day at Sock Summit, I flew in and arrived at dinnertime. In fact, I checked into the hotel just as instructors were assembling in the dining area for our special dinner together. I dropped off my suitcases and flew up to the 6th floor to join the crowd.

Many of the instructors I knew from online, often without having seen photographs. It’s odd walking into a room of people milling about. It took a while for me to get situated.

Those folks who I did know in person, were already chatting with others. I plunked my ZigBag on a chair at an as-yet-unoccupied table and decided I’d meet new friends at dinner.

I spent the most time at my table talking to Jill Draper of Jill Draper Makes Stuff, and her friend Cal Patch of Hodge Podge Farm. Jill was wearing a delectable sweater in blues and hot yellow-greens, showing off her wonderful hand-dyed yarns. (Remember Jill… I bought some of her yarn which I’ll show you in a later post.)

I did not get many photos that were focused. It seems that Sock Summit teachers were rather animated and happy to be there, and almost every shot I got had more fuzzy faces than clear. However, here is Jill being her charming and adorable self, centered in this image.

I can’t tell you how well we were treated in this conference. This was true from before we got there until we left for home.

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a long time, know that I have a long list of food sensitivities. I often can’t eat in a restaurant (or I eat lettuce topped with olive oil I bring myself, while watching other folks eat full meals). For this dinner, one of the ST-2 team members made sure that my meal was made specially with only ingredients I could eat. I had a full meal when everyone else did.

Trust me: this was deluxe, truly loving care. Check out this amazing salad:

Notice that there is also something beautifully red in my water glass. Cat Bordhi sat at my table, and brought us a special treat. The red you see is currants Cat had picked earlier that day. She shared them with all of us at the table. Divine.

I slept well on Wednesday night. My classes did not start until Friday, so Thursday would be a morning of sitting in on a class, and an afternoon of preparation. More to come…