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Archive for August 8th, 2011

Sock Summit Thursday 2: Reception

Monday, August 8th, 2011

Thursday night at Sock Summit ’11 featured an Opening Day reception. There was lovely finger food (roasted carrots were my favorite). There were socknitting fanatics, some of whom were also instructors or team members. There was a lot of laughing.

Here are Stephanie and Tina at left, in yellow. They are ST-1 or Sock Team-1. The other six are ST-2 members. This is the entire team who planned and managed the conference. Remember, there were 1800 students registered for classes, and 6,000 people who came for at least one event. These folks ROCKED it and then some.

Of course, there were a lot of wonderful volunteers once the event got going. I had assistants assigned to my classrooms. They did all sorts of little things and sometimes big ones (like finding hot water so I could have hot tea in the morning). Well, that one was big to me if not to my students!

Tina got a special item in going with the Sock Team (Star Team) motif, which gave folks a lot of fun all weekend. It was up on that same stage with the teams… a SockGate? I’m pretty clueless about space travel fiction no matter if it be book, television or movie. However, this was cool even for those who were wearing their viking-sock headgear, space knowledge or not.

All of the instructors who were at the reception were introduced to the crowd. It was lovely to be part of the event.

I sat next to Anna Zilboorg during this event. When we were eating our finger foods, she told me a bit about going to Morocco and how much she valued it. Things are changing quickly there, and it was great to chat about her travels a bit. What an interesting and well-traveled woman she is.

Anna (pronounce Awna) wrote the only currently-available book referencing Turkish/eastern-style socks (it’s called Fancy Feet in hardback and Simply Socks in paperback). She didn’t teach any Turkish-inspired classes at the conference, though I did. Last Summit, in 2009, she did a number of lectures on the subject and I got to see her collection of Turkish socks. They brought me to tears, with their beauty.

Other folks at our table were Clara Parkes (The Book of Wool, The Book of Yarn, Knitters Review), Ann Budd (Interweave press – The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns and a few excellent recent sock books), Nancy Bush (Folk Socks, Folk Knitting in Estonia, Knitting Vintage Socks), Shelia January (whose amazing blue/cream socks are on the table in photo at right), and Judith MacKenzie (humble but brilliant spinning/textile goddess, author of The Intentional Spinner).

On the way out of the room, I got a chance to chat with some folks including Mary Kay, who was one of the team members for the Dallas-Ft. Worth Fiber Festival when I taught for them. That was another total class act, for the record. I’ve been lucky to work at such great venues! Here I am with Mary Kay. If you see her at any knitting event, say hello… she’s warm and lovely to talk with.