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Archive for August, 2011

Gratitude -Sock Summit Rocked!

Monday, August 1st, 2011

Sock Summit is over. When they closed the doors to the marketplace, some of us just mingled in front of the registration desk. Someone commented that it it was a little like the last day of High School, where nobody quite wamts to step away from what has felt like home.

Some folks had to get up early to catch planes. I am betting that as many of us as were able, slept in. I took a long, hot bath.

Breakfast was half-frozen leftover Indian food from Saturday. I’d had dinner with Jazzknitter Ilisha Helfman. We met last Summit, 2 years ago. She has a new book… I’ll write a post just on that, soon.

Despite my resolve to only eat at locally-owned restaurants when traveling, I had oatmeal at Starbucks for lunch today. It was peaceful to sit alone at an outdoor table, knit, and eat comfort food.

I finished one sock while eating lunch. During class days at the Summit, I knit nothing for pleasure, just a few demo stitches for my classes.

I had tried to knit the Crystal afterthought heel on that sock during Wednesday night’s teacher dinner. I should have known better!!! My decreases were lopsided in the extreme and I ripped it out today to start over.

No matter. I sat next to Jill Draper at the dinner and we enjoyed getting to know each other.

It has been such an amazing time here! Teaching at the same venue as some of mt own favorite teachers has been an honor. I am humbled, energized, thrilled, and a dozen more, equally intense, emotions.

There are no words, really. I keep trying…

Sock Summit ST-1 and ST-2
My students, I can’t do this without you
Friends from online, new and familiar
My teaching peers
All those who pilot tested my classes in Lansing
My Lecture/ Speech coach/ friend, Jacque Lang
Everyone who has supported my knitting career: blog readers, yarn shop owners, other teaching venues, purchasers of my patterns, guild members
My beloved Brian, and my family.

I’m checked out from the Red Lion Hotel (where Sock Summit staff stayed). I’m about ready to schlep my two bags onto the MAX transit train, to stay at an International Hostel for 2 nights before I return home.

I’m still a bit burnt out from the intense over-social, over-stimulating 5 days I just had. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Happy sigh…