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Archive for September 19th, 2011

Joy in Multiple Colors!

Monday, September 19th, 2011

Friend Tony came by about a week ago and showed me this wonderful scarf he made (he works all year on his holiday gifts, I think this will be one):

I took this photo as the sun was setting, and you just can’t see the magnificent play between colors as well here as in wool. Incredible, it is.

You know I have studied and celebrated color for my entire life. In fact, I believe that colors are most fascinating and wonderful when they have at least one “buddy” to view them against. For example, baby pink and baby blue have one very soft and lovely look together… but baby pink and hot pink have a vibrancy and energy when paired, and baby pink and brown have been a sophisticated favorite in recent years.

This scarf and others of this nature, using two slowly-color-changing yarns, can be entrancing to knit. Watching the changing combinations keeps knitters going when a solid-colored project would have lost its appeal.

I remember once knitting a sock fom Koigu handpainted merino KPPPM, mostly greens with some purple and some hot yellow-green in there for accent. I chose to only knit it in full daylight, because it was so magnificent. Every stitch had different colors near each other. In fact, I would find myself exclaiming out loud (to an empty room) how beautiful it was.

The sock is pictured above/left. It’s sock #31 in my LynnH SockTour if you want to go peek at other socks I knit that year.

Tony’s scarf is from the “Knit Noro” book I just bought on the Mid-Mitten Sock Hop last weekend. Lindsay of Yarn Garden had knit a vest from that book which was so great I chose to put it on my short list of planned projects.

It’s called the Sideways-Striped vest, and is double breasted with a low V in front. This is a good style on my short-waisted self. It’s in Garter fabric, knit so that the stripes are vertical. I think multicolored yarns blend together well in garter. I also enjoy knitting without purls, so it was perfect. There were 8 skeins of Kureyon in color 40 (blues/greens/purples with a hint of orange – go figure). It calls for 4 balls if I knit it as written. I plan to make it longer, more of a tunic than a vest.

Given that I had the yarn for the project ready to go, and I could try on the sample to be sure it was flattering, the book purchase was a no-brainer. The Road-Tested Legwarmer photo shown at right is knit in the yarn/color I plan to use for the vest.

For those interested, Lindsay posted a blog entry about her process for the knitting of her Sideways-Striped vest. You can see a few photos there of the vest design. It’s here: Now for Interesting Details

And maybe I can knit my leftovers into a scarf like Tony’s? Maybe. I have more Kureyon than I need in the blues, and a few skeins of pinks/purples as well. They contrast well. We’ll see what happens.

Have you ever knit with changing colors like this? Do you tend to notice colors more  readily when they are in particular combinations?