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Archive for September 27th, 2011

Speaking Tonight: Food Limitations & Baking

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Tonight I am delighted to be speaking to the Michigan Capital Celiac/DH Support Group. This group is for folks who live a totally gluten-free lifestyle for their health.

As regular readers know, I learned to bake with limited ingredients because of my own long list of food allergies and sensitivities. However, when I began to share my recipes, I realized that Celiacs and Vegans could benefit from my food as well. The Celiac community has been very interested in my work.

A lot of Gluten-Free foods which can be purchased in stores, are less than satisfying. Let’s face it, anything that needs a long shelf life will need a few compromises. There is a lot of xanthan gum (made from fermented corn, something I can’t tolerate) to hold things together.

I bake with pure food ingredients, no gums. When I need stickiness I use sticky rice flour, flax seed meal or chia seeds, all foods which come from nature.

I’ll be talking about my baking experiments… my recipes, failures and successes. I’m bringing Habibi Brownies with me. Perhaps readers in Lansing will be interested, or know someone who is. The meeting is open to the public. Please help me pass the word.


Michigan Capital Celiac/DH Support Group meeting
Community of Christ Building
1514 W. Miller Rd, Lansing (between Cedar and MLK)

Social time 6:30-7:00, meeting 7pm.

I would LOVE to see you.


About my cookbook, if you can’t make it-

I create delicious recipes which fit the following parameters:

No Corn
No Dairy
No Egg
No Peanuts
No Potato
No Soy
No Tree Nuts
No Wheat
No Xanthan Gum
No Yeast

I also have a free recipe blog archive. Most but not all of those recipes are gluten free, read ingredients carefully.