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Archive for January 4th, 2012

Self-Care in January

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

Paint as you like and die happy.
— Henry Miller

Every year in January and February, I crave spring and knit in green. This is super-soft baby alpaca. I’ve had it in my stash for a while and now it’s going to become wristwarmers for a special someone.


I do believe that January is “knitting for yourself” or “selfish knitting” month. After the holidays, we can knit at a leisurely pace and knit for ourselves.

We knitters tend to push too hard during the holidays, knitting for others and putting our own projects aside. Often knitting deadlines create sleep deprivation and stress, even when the giftee is beloved to us. After the gifting is over, it’s time to relax a bit.

In this case, if I’m knitting super soft yarn in the color I need, I think I’m knitting for myself. To be honest, I’ve also knit a bit on a couple of other projects for me already this year- my Lucy Neatby Equilateral Vest and a Maxi Zigbag. Nothing is going to be finished quickly if it’s for me, but I continue to plug away.

What about You?

Are you making time for yourself this month? One friend called me yesterday to say she was going to luxuriate in a bubble bath rather than taking a quick shower. In my case, just pulling out my bin of unfinished-but-not-forgotten knits for myself was an act of self-care.

Do you crave specific things this time of year? Do you take time for yourself? What would be a good result of your creative time in this dark time of year?