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Archive for January 16th, 2012


Monday, January 16th, 2012

One of my favorite words is abundance. It implies plenty, in a wholesome way. Enough, not too much.

This week The Toss-it Tuesday premise worked its concept through every day for me. Unfortunately, as I decided to let go of things, the pile of discards by our back door became a mess of its own!

Today I gave away some jewelry to good friends. I sent a bag to charity. I piled my plastic recycling bin, and a few things which need delivering to various spots, in my car.

Maybe this week’s Toss-it will be the delivery day for those things. It seems that’s part of the process! Then I can go looking for more things to let go of.

Here’s a favorite quote on abundance:

If you are content with what you have, you are wealthy.

What is your plan for Toss-it Tuesday?