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Archive for March 18th, 2012

Where’s My Worm?

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

God gives every bird his worm, but he does not throw it into the nest.
— Swedish proverb

Aaah, yes. Being an adult means a lot of footwork, a lot of  “do the next thing.” Sometimes I just want to sit down and knit for myself. Usually there is something else I need to do first.

I’ve been working on taxes this week. I’ve got a few friends who need a bit of extra support right now, as well. It just “is.” In general, the only complaint I can really own is a bit less alone time and a little less sleep. With all the people around me on my team, actively supporting me and cheering me on, this is the best life ever!

On busy weeks like this, my mantra is often “It doesn’t matter what I want.” Just suck it up and get it done.  I’ve done well with staying at work. I’ve had too many priorities, but I’ve been staying on work stuff anyway.

Every bird his worm. OK. Do my part…

Digression of Love

By the way, a dear friend lost a dear family member recently. He was 41. I lost a music friend this week, he still had a young teenager at home. Don’t forget how important it is to let your loved ones know of your love. Every day is a precious gift, bursting with opportunity. Let relationship be part of how you fill that day.

And then, there is Knitting

Knitting? Not much. I am alternating between a few smallish projects that fit in my purse, for when I’m waiting at a restaurant or at the post office.

In knitting-related news, I did accomplish my first two knitting instruction videos this weekend, and uploaded to my YouTube channel. They cover the first few steps of knitting  my Crystal socklet from Knitty (the Bosnian toe). I’m pleased with the sound and the instructions.

If you are interested in joining the knit along (KAL), you can go to my Ravelry discussion group (Ravelry is free and they respect your privacy). Here is the link to the group. We are walking through it together there. It’s fun to see all the different choices for color!

Food? Yes, Food

For my food-interested readers, I have been experimenting a lot lately. I made a two-crust fruit pie which had a tasty filling. However, the crust needs tweaking. Brian likes two-crust fruit pies. He won’t mind a second go of it, I think.

I also am experimenting with granola. I am unable to eat nuts, but can have seeds. I can’t have dried fruit or cinnamon. This makes store-purchased granola impossible.

The granola version I tried today had oats, sunflower seeds, pepitas/ no-shell pumpkin seeds, and tahini (sesame butter rather than almond or peanut butter). It’s sweetened with maple syrup and spiced with allspice and nutmeg. It’s tasty but it doesn’t clump up like a honey-based granola. When I get it working better, I’ll post a recipe here.

Back to work… remember, look for the good. There’s always something to be grateful for, someone to appreciate, something that can make you smile. Look and you can find it. Yeah!

Grateful today, myself, for a lunch with four friends where we laughed so hard we forgot we were in a restaurant. Oh, yes. That is a treasure which can not be purchased.