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Archive for May 10th, 2012

Brian Hefferan, Ragtime Uker – Interviewed by Lil’ Rev

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Our friend Lil’ Rev from Wisconsin was just this weekend the headliner at Mighty Uke Day. He tours a lot, and when he’s in Michigan he often stays with us.

You could not ask for better company. He’s comfortable to be with, someone to talk with for hours. We also eat very similarly and enjoy cooking for each other when the time is available.

On top of that, Rev is a fine performer. He’s an award-winning instrumentalist (harmonica), Folksinger of the year 2004 in Wisconsin, plays many instruments extremely well, is interested in musical and cultural history and is a fabulous storyteller.

Rev’s Blog

Rev writes a blog called Fountain of Uke. Very recently he wrote a post about my Brian; in particular, his interest in ragtime music. Last year, Rev interviewed Brian on video regarding ragtime music and how he approaches the arranging and playing of the songs he chooses.

Up Close and Personal: Interview

After that wonderful Mighty Uke Day this past Saturday, I think it’s a good time to point to that article and video. You can find them here:

Fountain of Uke: In Search of a Ragtime Uker (Brian Hefferan)

If you are interested in ragtime or ukulele music and haven’t heard this side of Brian’s musical personality, Visit the Heftone YouTube Channel. Have a listen… or a dozen.

Brian’s Music Box Rag CD

A few years back, Brian put out a CD of himself playing rags and marches on many types of banjo, from the tiny banjo ukulele to my Heftone bass “banjo.” He calls this project the “Heftone Banjo Orchestra.”

The CD cover for the project can be seen at right. He had me take photos of him in his tux holding different instruments, before and after a haircut, with and without glasses. He then used photo imaging software to make it look like an ensemble. (We get requests for this Orchestra to play at events from time to time.)

You can click the CD cover image to see the photo a bit more closely. If you would like to listen to the recordings, read the liner notes or download the tunes for yourself, Click Here for the Music Box Rag CD information page.