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Archive for June 29th, 2012

Porches and Poetry: both Artforms

Friday, June 29th, 2012

I love my front porch. We have been breaking high temperature records in Lansing, Michigan this week. It’s even hot on the porch, but it’s a great place to wait for a breeze. Iced tea is my favorite “food” right now.

I wrote this poem when I still owned the house I bought for myself (highest solo accomplishment to date, perhaps). That neighborhood was active, alive. I loved it.

– = – = – = – = –

The Porch on Francis Avenue

©1995 by Lynn D. Troldahl Hershberger


Hammock, porch, children’s voices.
Warm sun on my skin,
Sleepy eyelids drooping,
A dog barking, birds scolding, the blast of a car horn.
Long shadows, a still breeze, the coolness of the evening.

Summer Day.

Cool iced tea.
Salty damp skin, yellow dandelions,
Bees buzzing,
Body baked by sunshine.
Sharp shadows, blue sky, white clouds.
Singing out loud,
Neighbors waving hello.


– = – = – = – = –

I don’t have any photos of that porch, at least not in digital format. The photo above is our current porch, taken several years ago. Lovely, yes?