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Archive for November 5th, 2012

You Gotta Vote! Be glad you can.

Monday, November 5th, 2012

My mother’s Aunt Lizzie (probably a great-aunt) worked for Susan B. Anthony before women could vote in the USA. Women died working toward the right to vote.

I find it sad and frightening, that there are US citizens who choose not to vote when we can. We in this country can speak our own conscience on our ballots without fearing retaliation.

I’ve been lucky to travel some in my 53 years. I’ve been to countries where residents must vote for whoever is already in power. They do go vote… but they know the powers that be will know if they voted against the current regime. Jimmy Carter could go and help count votes, and the victor would be the current leader. The people know it’s not safe to vote any other way.


Here, we have people saying they don’t like the choices so they won’t vote at all. I say, if you have to vote “NO” (against a particular candidate, if you can’t feel strongly *for* any choice) you still must vote. It does make a difference.

Elections do actually get decided sometimes with just a handful of votes. (Don’t you dare complain about the leaders who *are* elected if you didn’t voice your own vote during their election.)

It’s a bit of a job to vote in a responsible way… districts change often and it’s really hard to figure out exactly who will be on our own particular ballot.

SO… here is some help for those who are at least in Michigan. You can find similar information in your own state if you aren’t here. The department where you register to vote should have this information.

Nonpartisan vote information:

Michigan friends, if you don’t know what your ballot will look like, you can go to the Secretary of State Michigan Voter Information Center here to get that information:

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan organization (really) which has many resources to help you make an informed decision (this link is to the Michigan chapter):

Keep your head.

All advertisements are biased by their nature. Remember to vote with your brain and your heart, and not because you heard an advertisement one way or the other.

Remember, anyone telling you that some political stance is being influenced by “Special Interests” is also a special interest. Remember that sometimes we get manipulated by ads or story lines that make us react with “Yeah! Yeah!” and they only tell part of the story.

The League of Women Voters has a link to the “Truth Squad” regarding the Michigan ballot Proposals. Make sure you take a look and reason things out before going to the polls.

Disclaimer of sorts

Yes, I have my own opinions. Probably anybody who knows me can guess where I tend to vote. However, not voting is the worst choice of all, followed by voting without good information.

We will resume with normal life on Wednesday. I hope.
Hugs, Lynn