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Archive for January 20th, 2013

Three Weeks Already?

Sunday, January 20th, 2013

We have already passed through 3 weeks of 2013 already? Is anyone else reflecting on the passage of time right about now?

As for me, mid-October through early January was a blur. Beginnings, endings, more beginnings… health scares (not me personally) that turned out OK, creative ups combined with too much  on the to-do list. Hellos, goodbyes, and good old dependable friends by my side.

Focus: Word of the Year
I like to focus on a word each year. Some years I continue the year before, if I think it will be beneficial.

Two years ago, my word was “Kindness.” I focused on how I could stay honest and straightforward but find ways to speak my truth which were also kind. It was a fruitful year. Nobody is perfect, but I continue to grow from that year of focus.

Last year I chose the word “Maintenance.” I hoped to work both on health/fitness and business/financial areas.

I did really grow as far as my health. I walked a lot, attended yoga in fits and starts, did a lot of the exercises I’ve been given over the years from my doctor and various physical therapists. I danced, both for fun and with a dance troupe.

On the other hand, I continue to struggle with paperwork routine. It’s not time to give up, but knitting a self portrait was easier than doing taxes in January.

Know Thyself
Being creative for me, brings along a weak spot as well as the lovely parts. I have not learned to be much on a routine. Some days I put one sock on, then the other, then shoes one at a time. Some days I put a sock on and then its shoe, then switch to another foot. This is just a small example.

Some days I eat breakfast before getting dressed, others I switch it. I realize that many people just have a way they navigate through the morning which works well, and which varies rather little from day to day. They waste a lot less time than I do!

The only way to get better at things is to keep at them, yes? Practice, not perfection… but then more practice. Giving up is not an option. So I keep plugging away, working at improving my weak spots.

Slow Go, but Don’t Give Up
On the good side, our house is much more manageable than it was even 5 years ago. Slowly, things start having proper places and I know where those are. Once I know where those things go, I can just find them when I need them. It’s easy to put things away when I know where the heck they belong!

Progress in One Corner
Recently I’ve been struggling with the corner of our living room which is my yarn/knitting item area. It turns out that the yarn itself is in good shape. I have shelves with clear bins on them. Each bin is designated for a particular weight/type of yarn. I know where those things go, so I can put them away. For the most part, the bins are an appropriate size for what goes in them.

However, there were boxes on the floor which held items without clear homes. It turned out that they mostly fell into these categories:

  • Materials used specifically to teach particular classes, in bags ready to go out the door when I should teach that class.
  • Store samples of my knitting patterns, not currently living in a store.
  • Store-purchased sweaters which were shrunken/felted on purpose, to be sewn as fabric.
  • The knitting magazines I’ve chosen to keep. (I let go of dozens of magazines about 6 months ago.)
  • Projects needing my attention. This mostly is sweaters I bought but that need an alteration or repair.

Luckily, I just happened to “inherit” 5 plastic under-bed boxes recently from my sis in love who just moved.  Those items, other than the magazines, went into the boxes, got LABELED (imagine that) and put in a safe place in the basement where I can get into them easily on those infrequent occasions when I need them.

My yarn area is relieved.

On the other hand, I think one word for 2013 is still going to be “Maintenance.” Then again, I have a lot of half-done projects I hope to finish. Maybe it needs to share space with “Completion.”

What do you think?


PS: The image above is 1600 x 1200 pixels in size. If you know how to save it and use it as the wallpaper on your computer desktop, please feel free to do so if you wish.