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Archive for March 31st, 2013

Egg Artist

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

The young artist of today need no longer say “I am a painter,” or “a poet,” or “a dancer.” He is simply an “artist.” All of life will be open to him.
Allan Kaprow

This was great fun. I have some new artist markers (they even can be refilled) and I sort of doodled on the hard boiled egg.

Drawing is stressful for me, but when I get away from a flat piece of paper I feel more free. I also like the feel of these brush-tipped markers rather than a pencil or pen. Since I do a bit of decorative painting, this felt comfortable.

I often am afraid to continue with a project in fear of ruining it. It’s hard to remember that stopping too soon is a different type of “ruining” the work.

This one I kept going until I truly liked it. The magic moment was when I drew the purple diamond close to center here. Until then it didn’t look complete.

For the record, the pink marker bled all the way through the shell and membrane, onto the egg contents. This was a great art project but apparently not so good for food integrity. I’m already thinking about possible fabric paint possibilities for next year.