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Archive for September, 2013

Twenty-Minute Tossing Week

Saturday, September 14th, 2013

20130914-020106.jpgFriends… It’s Autumn weather literally overnight, here in Lansing. One day it was sweltering and I wanted air conditioning, and the next day I wore alpaca and wool sweater and wished for the furnace to kick on.

In weather where eating lunch on the porch is too uncomfortable, I need the inside of my house as comfy as possible. However, housekeeping is not my strong suit.

On Facebook I started a group about a year ago, called “Toss-It Tuesdays.” We share our adventures in letting go and tidying. I picked Tuesdays because they work for me, and because it sounds good to say. Other days are, of course, also fine!

This Week’s Challenge
Because it’s fall now, I want to intensify my tidying. Maybe you want to join me? Here is what I posted to the Facebook group–

I have a plan: Twenty-minute Tossing week. Twenty minutes, max, on one area per day.

Sunday: any drawer
Monday: anything with a door (cupboard/ medicine chest/ pantry)
Tuesday: any box, bin or suitcase
Wednesday: any flat surface above the floor (desk/ table/ shelf)
Thursday: Purse, Tote, backpack or carrier
Friday: any floor area or under something
Saturday: any closet or vehicle

The idea is to do 20 minutes with a timer, and then stop. So often we think things will take too long, so we don’t start.

Committing to a short time helps us get started. If we need time to tidy from the process, we will plan to toss for 15 minutes followed by “tucking it back onto bed” for 5 minutes.

Let’s see how a week works (do it only days you can free 20 minutes, and “Get Out of Jail Free” any day you don’t participate.

If you decide you want to do a different area than I suggest that day, do what you choose. This is just a way to get started.

I know I need my indoor space happy when it’s heating season. I want to get started now.

Are you in? Starting tomorrow?