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Archive for July 26th, 2005

Ann Arbor Flowers and Kathleen Dustin

Tuesday, July 26th, 2005

Last Friday I went to the Ann Arbor Art Fair. It is a bit of a pilgrimage for me, I go to be with the other creative folks there. I spend my time talking to artists, and I often do not buy anything. I sometimes buy clothing from April Bates, a woman who has a distinct style of dyeing cotton and rayon clothing… when I have a few bucks to spend. Usually I just go to be there, and my expenses are gas and food.

This time I talked a long time to April B. and I talked to Deborah Banyas who makes soft scupture “dolls” from fabric, polymer clay and other “props” which are made to be hung on a wall. Then I made my way clear across town (this is actually 4 different art fairs held on the same weekend) to see Kathleen Dustin, a world-class polymer clay artist. She’s so polished and artful that when Ornament Magazine advertises itself, they often use her work to make them look good.

I have always wanted a piece of Kathleen’s work but most of her pieces top $1,000 USD (and are worth every penny). Once (around 1997) I found a small necklace piece of hers for $135 but at that moment even that reasonable price was beyond my means (I’ve never stopped regretting that missed chance, though).

Well, this weekend she had some earrings that were enough less than $100 that I went ahead. They are gorgeous and I’m delighted to have them. They are very wearable (I wore them to perform with Abbott Brothers on Saturday) and I just might wear them out over the years!!! Irridescent blue and turquoise with dots of matte hot green, on large earwires. I’m thrilled!

Anyway, when I was in Ann Arbor I found a beautiful pot of plants (put there by the city, I’m sure) with this interesting purple flower in it. The leaves are very dark and the purple is intense. I don’t know this flower at all, am wondering if anyone out there knows what it is and whether it’s a perennial or annual (am guessing the latter). This is a really beautiful flower! It was paired with sweet potato vines, that pale yellow-green color, and the combination was striking.